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Löris Takori
Teaching Artist

Born in White Plains, New York, Löris (Kori) became intrigued by the beauty of art and language at a very young age. She eventually sought to not only be a viewer of original works, but also an avid creator. When she wasn’t rough-housing with her three siblings, her love of both writing and drawing was cultivated and honed as a beloved past-time. It was not until Löris ventured to Georgia with her family in 2006, that she was exposed to many different mediums of creativity. Löris later attended Emory University to pursue a career in both art and medicine but, was initially dejected to find that the Southern Ivy was dismantling many of its liberal arts programs—the art major among them. It was then that she found a passion for movement and decided to not only major in neuroscience & behavioral biology; but also, add dance & movement studies to her personal acumen. Within this program, she was able to train in ballet, modern and jazz alongside her younger brother. After earning her degree in 2015, Löris found she could not stand to give up her love of the arts in favor of a job in healthcare. Most recently, Löris is working on her first novel while she develops her career as both a healthcare analyst and a dance instructor.