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Dear Moving in the Spirit Community,

Our hearts are grieving at the continued loss of black lives through racist violence and systemic white supremacy. We are remembering the lives stolen, most recently the lives of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade and Manuel Ellis. To our friends, families, and all who are righteously angry and deeply hurt, we grieve with you and we love you.

At Moving in the Spirit, our students and staff create and present works that embody our lived experiences and call for change. In 2017, two of our teen dancers, Azariah Richardson and Tayvion Harris (pictured above), performed in choreographer Wayne M. Smith’s ‘Some Kind of Way,’ a work that reflected their complex feelings about the deaths of unarmed black people in America at the hands of law enforcement. Unfortunately, the piece remains relevant today, and this is unacceptable.

We must work individually and collectively to be actively anti-racist, dismantling systems that uphold racism, intolerance and indifference, so that dances like these become a chapter in our past, not a reflection of our present or the prophecy of our future.

Our practice is to meditate and reflect on how to best serve our community. We are tirelessly working to do better as a staff and as youth mentors. We do not have all the answers—we will only find them together, and we will be centering the voices of our youth.

In their own words:

“Unity means coming together and being able to hold one another up.”

“Unity means courage and working together.”

“Unity means that despite our differences, we have so many things to offer together.”

We vow to stand with our children and community, as we have for the last 34 years, to build a strong, diverse, anti-racist society.

Together we are human. Together, we are love.

Moving in the Spirit

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