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Together with our donors and partners, Moving in the Spirit has used the art of dance to create measurable, positive change for hundreds of young people, helping them overcome obstacles, find their voices and realize their highest potential.

Our program goals are linked directly to the positive youth development model, a research-based framework that successfully transitions children to adulthood. We invest in research and rigorous evaluation to ensure our programs transform the lives of youth in lasting ways.

We are proud that, while the graduation rate for Atlanta Public Schools was 78% in 2019, 100% of Moving in the Spirit seniors over the past ten years have graduated  high school and gone on to college, vocational school or military careers.

Key outcomes of our programming are measured throughout the program year by Dr. Charné Furcron, a licensed professional counselor, former graduation coach, and registered dance therapist.

In our most recently completed program year:

  • 94% of our students improved in thinking about how important it is to help others
  • 91% improved in expressing their feelings in ways that do not hurt others
  • 80% improved in participating in safe and fun activities instead of getting into trouble
  • 84% improved in setting personal goals
  • Perhaps most significantly given the detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s and teens’ confidence and positive self-perception, 96% of our students reported improvement in feeling good about themselves.

Additionally, evaluations revealed significant improvement in youth development goals including confidence, empathy, resilience, conflict management, behavioral and intellectual competency and sense of belonging.

Moving in the Spirit’s impact is best exemplified by our alumni, who have found success in their own live are returning to our organization to give back to the next generation of young people at Moving in the Spirit as teachers, mentors and donors. Our work has launched these young leaders out into the world full of confidence and promise, and the values they learned here have drawn them back in. It is a vision realized, and we are forever grateful.

Moving in the Spirit utilizes the following evaluation tools: Pro-Social Checklist, Piers Harris 2 Self Concept Test, Developmental Assets Profile, and a Modern Dance Technique Assessment. To learn more about our evaluation process and results, contact us at info@movinginthespirit.org.