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“If you have a passion and desire to make a difference, why not start with the place and people that have helped mold and shape you?”

I started dancing at Moving in the Spirit when I was three years old. Leah Mann, co-founder of Moving in the Spirit, was my very first dance teacher. I started in the Stepping Stones program and eventually became part of the Apprentice Corporation, Moving in the Spirit’s advanced touring company.

Some of my favorite memories from Moving in the Spirit are from our tours. Riding in the van, we had many conversations and discussions that really made us closer and tolerant of others. The opportunity to travel the world and share my art with new audiences was breathtaking.

Moving in the Spirit has taught me many valuable lessons about life in general. Particularly, the friendships that I’ve cultivated are more than just friendships. I’ve gained so many sisters and brothers from being a part of Moving in the Spirit. Moving in the Spirit has really taught me to be comfortable in my own skin, regardless if people treat you differently. Knowing who you are is vital, and no one can take that feeling away from you.

Returning to Moving in the Spirit to give back was easy. If you have a passion and desire to make a difference, why not start with the place and people that have helped mold and shape you? I currently serve on the Alumni Committee. Our goal is to foster relationships between generations and continue a cycle of profound love for the arts and development amongst our youth. If you want to impact the world, you must start somewhere. As alumni, we are planting small seeds of success that will help Moving in the Spirit students grow and continue the mission of making a difference and being the change they want to see in the world.

– Alina Tillery, Moving in the Spirit alumna


You can see Alina and her fellow alumni perform on January 11, 2014 in “A Night at The Beam: A Performance by Moving in the Spirit Alumni.” All proceeds benefit Moving in the Spirit’s Apprentice Corporation.

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More about Alina:

Alina graduated from Southside Comprehensive High school in 2004 and went on to earn a B.S. in sociology and psychology from Georgia Southwestern State University and an M.S. in human services from Capella University. Today, Alina teaches physical education and health at Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School and serves as their Athletics Director and cheer coach. She also serves on Moving in the Spirit’s Alumni Committee and teaches in our Junior Company and Stepping Stones programs.

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