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“If you are a leader, you are always on. You have to keep pushing, if not for you, then for the people that are depending on you.”

I started dancing with Moving in the Spirit when I was nine, beginning in the Junior Company and working my way up to the Apprentice Corporation. Along the way, I had the privilege of serving as a student teacher to younger dancers. I danced here until I graduated in 2007 and came back to teach for the Apprentice Corporation after college. Today, I’m a high school special education teacher at an Atlanta charter school.

I have so many good memories of touring with Moving in the Spirit. Looking back, the toughest times always seemed to make the funniest memories…like the hostel we stayed in in NYC! I have danced a long time, but I have never felt more satisfied than when I was on tour. We had the chance to touch so many people’s lives. It really is remarkable thinking about it from a more mature standpoint. On top of that, touring changed us. There are so many places I saw, so many experiences I had that I never would have had otherwise. It really opened me up to the world.

I also learned that if you are a leader, you are always on. There is no down time and you have to keep pushing, if not for you, then for the people that are depending on you. At the heart of everything, I learned that true friends are always there for you. The friends I have made at Moving in the Spirit are some of the strongest and longest-lasting bonds I will ever have, and I am grateful for that.

I choose to come back to Moving in the Spirit and serve on the Alumni Committee because of the bonds I have created and the lessons that have gotten me to where I am today. Moving in the Spirit has taught me everything I need to know to survive in the workplace and in life. As a committee, we plan to help in any way we can to pass these lessons on to future generations of Moving in the Spirit dancers. I hope they learn that if they tough out all of their responsibilities at Moving in the Spirit, it really will pay off in the end and set them up to be leaders in any situation.

  – Samantha Hardin, Moving in the Spirit alumna


You can see Samantha and her fellow alumni perform on January 11, 2014 in “A Night at The Beam: A Performance by Moving in the Spirit Alumni.” All proceeds benefit Moving in the Spirit’s Apprentice Corporation.

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