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Intro 2013-2014 Annual Report Intro_educate 2013-2014 Annual Report Educate Intro_inspire 2013-2014 Annual Report Inspire Intro_unite 2013-2014 Annual Report Unite Intro-logo 2013-2014 Annual Report Mission 2013-2014 Annual Report Moving in the Spirit is an award-winning youth
development program that integrates high-quality
dance instruction with performance, leadership
and mentor opportunities for young people in
Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to educate, inspire
and unite young people through dance, propelling them
to become compassionate leaders.
Mission Statement
Family_1 "We are a family" We hear this declaration often at
Moving in the Spirit. It’s expressed by
students when their peers give them
encouragement during a particularly
hard time.
Family_2 "We are a family" It’s voiced by parents when they form
unexpected friendships while waiting
for their children to finish class.
Family_3 "We are a family" It's revealed by our alumni who have
forged lifelong bonds and now watch
their own children dance together.
Family_4 "We are a family" Supporters like Ralph Edwards
and his daughters, Tyler Gardner
and Colie Neidlinger, have
positively impacted thousands
of Atlanta’s youth.
Our donors are our family as well.
Family_5 "We are a family" We are also grateful to our Legacy donors who have added
Moving in the Spirit as a beneficiary by will, trust or endowment gifts:
JoAn Huff, Jean Redding, Marilyn & William Rosenberg
Sallie Smith, Clayton Whitehead, Pam Wuichet & J.D. Scott
See the complete donor list >
Honors_1 Honors & Successes 100% of Moving in the Spirit’s seniors
graduated from high school.
Honors_2 Honors & Successes Governor Nathan Deal presented
Moving in the Spirit with a 2013
Governor’s Award for the Arts
& Humanities.
Honors_3 Honors & Successes Our Director of Outreach Programs,
Dr. Charné Furcron, presented our
evaluation model at the American
Dance Therapy Association
national conference.
Honors_4 Honors & Successes The Atlanta City Council proclaimed
June 5, 2014 as Moving in the Spirit Day.
Honors_5 Honors & Successes Moving in the Spirit created and
premiered The Wonder Years,
a dance tribute to the music and
social justice work of Stevie Wonder,
at the Rialto Center for the Arts at
Georgia State University.
Honors_6 Honors & Successes Student Kai Lewis (center) won
an 11 Alive Kids Who Care Award
for her phenomenal commitment to
creating change through the art
of dance.
Apprentice_1 Program Highlights & Impact “Moving in the Spirit has taught me to not be
afraid of my goals, not be afraid of my
dreams, and to just do it. For me to step
out on faith and say, ‘This is what
I’m going to do,’ has freed me.”
Brianna Heath, age 17 The Apprentice Corporation
Apprentice_2 Program Highlights & Impact Roscoe Sales (Atlanta Ballet)
T. Lang (Spelman College)
Lillian Ransijn (Ground Delivery Dance)
Amanda Lower (Northwestern University)
Apprentice Corporation Guest Choreographers Learn more about the Apprentice Corporation > "Working with such diverse choreographers
opened me to new perspectives in life and dance."
Apprentice_3 Program Highlights & Impact Rocketown, Nashville, TN
Barking Legs Theater, Chattanooga, TN
Berea College, Berea, KY
7 Stages Theatre, Atlanta, GA
Apprentice Corporation National Tour Learn more about the Apprentice Corporation > "I think audiences left feeling inspired and
empowered to go do something extraordinary."
Junior_1 Program Highlights & Impact “Because the Junior
Company is an all female
company, it really puts an emphasis
on girl power. We talk about what
it means to be a girl and how
we relate to society.”
Trinity Mosley, age 12 The Junior Company
Junior_2 Program Highlights & Impact Emory University Dance Department "We learned about impactful female
dancers throughout history and collaborated
with the college students."
Junior Company Collaborations Learn more about the Junior Company >
Junior_3 Program Highlights & Impact Agnes Scott College Dance Department "In the spring, the dance department
hosted us for our very own show,
You Grow Girl. The energy from the
crowd encouraged us to keep going and
know that we're on the right path."
Junior Company Collaborations Learn more about the Junior Company >
Men_1 Program Highlights & Impact “In Men in Motion, I learned about
flexibility and sportsmanship.
We bond together as if we’re all a
group of brothers. It makes the
performance that much better
because you trust people.”
Toren Mosley, age 11 Men in Motion
Men_2 Program Highlights & Impact TrickaNomeTry, Emory University
Blake Dalton, guest choreographer
Men in Motion Collaborations Learn more about Men in Motion > "We had our own Men in Motion show,
and I think it proved to everybody
that all guys can dance."
Stepping_1 Program Highlights & Impact “My favorite thing about our
teachers was that they pushed
If some dancers were having trouble
learning the steps, the teachers
would tell other students to help
them. It pushed all of us to work
harder, and it helped me grow
as a leader.”
Rania Mirza, age 10 Stepping Stones
Stepping_2 Program Highlights & Impact The Wonder Years
Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University
Stepping Stones Performances Learn more about Stepping Stones > "For The Wonder Years, we collaborated
with our teachers on our dance. I was
nervous to perform, but when I stepped
onstage I was excited because
I got to express myself."
Thompsons Program Highlights & Impact “We keep coming back because
Moving in the Spirit has such a
positive impact on our kids. They
display all the qualities Moving in
the Spirit instills: leadership,
maturity, individuality.”
- Hope and Thomas Thompson,
pictured here with their daughter,
Nandi, age 12
Reactivate Numbers_1 Numbers_2 Finance_1 Public Support & Revenue Investments & Other Income less than 1%. See our FY14 990 tax form (11MB PDF) > Finance_2 Expenses Credits Thank_You Thank you for a great year! All photos by JD Scott Photography Add your name to next year's Annual Report >