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On March 9 & 10, Moving in the Spirit’s GLOW in Motion and Men in Motion performance companies will perform in Beyond Belief: Youth Voices Through Dance.

Learn more about our young dancers and hear their behind-the-scenes perspectives in these inspirational spotlights!

Beyond Belief: Yohannes Parsons

“To me, speaking up and sharing my voice means helping others become better, being a great leader and a good person.”

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Beyond Belief: Anna Jean Lower

“Sharing my voice makes me feel powerful and like I can speak up. Most of the time, I keep my emotions to myself, but it’s nice to actually be able to express how I feel.”

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Beyond Belief: Malachi Jarvis

“If someone doesn’t feel confident to speak out, I’ll tell them just do what you do. And if it doesn’t work the first time, there’s always something you can do. I just tell them nobody can stop you.”

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Beyond Belief: KaRon Gray

“Dancing makes me feel free. I get to move around and do my own thing, and it keeps me energized and healthy.”

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Beyond Belief: Jerome Tillery

“Sometimes there’s people who try to prevent you from thinking that the world is a good place. Our dance shows the world is a good place.”

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Beyond Belief: Naim Johnson

“You should just say what you want to say and get your point through and if people don’t agree with you, let them have their own beliefs. You can still say, ‘I still understand my beliefs and I can still stick up for what I think is right.’ “

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Beyond Belief: Grayson Lauterbach

“If there’s something you don’t agree with, then you should speak out and try to change it.”

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Beyond Belief: Harlem Smith

“Sharing my voice means to speak ideas and generally try to change the world to be a better place.”

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Beyond Belief: Mujasi McGhee

 “Just try, because everyone can do something but they just have to get it out of them. And I think dance is one of those things that you can express yourself and make other people happy.”

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Beyond Belief: Jordan Scudder

“If you have ideas, don’t be afraid to just say it. If people don’t like it, then they don’t have to like it. But they should still be respectful of your voice.”

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Beyond Belief: Terry Gordon

“This performance took us a lot of time. Some of the things we’ve had to do over and over again to get ready. It’s kind of hard, but when you see it we’re going to get it right. You’re going to like it!”

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Check back here regularly for more spotlights, and support these young dancers by coming to see their work!

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