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Jordan Scudder, age 11, will perform with Men in Motion on March 9 & 10 in ‘Beyond Belief: Youth Voices Through Dance.’

How long have you danced at Moving in the Spirit?

My whole life basically. My mom danced here. I like that every time you get back in class, there’s something new and different to work on.

What does it mean to you to speak out and share your voice?

To me it means that you don’t keep to yourself. Like, if you have ideas, don’t be afraid to just say it. And like, if people don’t like it, then they don’t have to like it. But they should still be respectful of your voice.

How do you speak up or speak out in your everyday life?

If somebody is talking about someone, I tell them to stop talking about them. Because sometimes speaking out is not always the best thing. Sometimes you have to keep nasty comments to yourself, and you only need to speak it out if it’s positive.

What is something you believe in really strongly that you would speak out about? No matter what?

I think I would speak out if someone didn’t help someone because of how they look, or because of their orientation or religion.

What advice would you give to a young person who doesn’t feel confident to speak out?

I would say I understand because it can get hard. I think that you can just take your time and practice in the mirror because sometimes you can treat the mirror as another person. Or you can practice on your friends.

What is your favorite piece to perform in the show?

My solo. It’s dedicated to my grandma. It really shows all my skills.

What has been your biggest challenge preparing for this performance?

Remembering my solo, because it’s newer than the other pieces we’re doing. I keep doing the dance in my head frequently.

Why should people come see this performance?

Because it has a good meaning and I think that you will see different skills. You will see different people of different ethnicities, and you will see like how everybody is so different but we can all come together.

You can see Jordan and his fellow Men in Motion dancers perform on March 9 & 10 in Beyond Belief: Youth Voices Through Dance.

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