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Malachi Jarvis, age 12, will perform with Men in Motion on March 9 & 10 in ‘Beyond Belief: Youth Voices Through Dance.’

So you’ve been dancing here for five years. Why do you keep coming back?

I like what we do and how we work. We work very well with each other. They make me know how to be a team. And I’ve learned a lot of dance moves that I didn’t know. It was hard for me to get to where I’m at now. But I learned and I got it now.

What does it mean to you to share your voice and to speak up?

I like to rap, so I use that to speak up. It makes more sense to me because people get to hear it through music. I rap about life, stuff I’m trying to get to, and I’m very humble with it too. I love to write music because that’s my way of feeling myself.

Have you rapped about anything that you believe strongly about?

Yes. I made a couple songs, one song called “Position Keeper,” and that song is going to change the world. It’s about how you have to watch who you talk to or hang with, because sometimes if you’re doing something good, someone might try to take away what you’re doing and leave you down.

Have you ever been afraid to speak out about something?

When I’m feeling sad about something and I feel like nobody is going to understand, then yes. But I talk to my dad. I love to talk to my dad because I know he understands me. We speak to each other through rap because he raps too. So we’ll be like, in the studio and he’ll be telling me tips and pointers. My dad is the type of person, if he wants something bad he’ll go out and get it. He wants to go out and do it himself, and that’s the type of person I’m trying to be. That’s cool.

What would you say to another young person who is having a hard time, who wants to speak out but doesn’t feel confident?

I’ll tell them just do what you do. And if it doesn’t work the first time, there’s always something you can do. I just tell them nobody can stop you from doing what you want to do.

Why should people come see ‘Beyond Belief’?

For kids, this is a great way to let people know how you feel, a really great way, especially if you got adults to help you build up your character and make you stronger. So I feel like dance is a great way to make sure that kids get to speak up. The show is gonna be great!

You can see Malachi and his fellow Men in Motion dancers perform on March 9 & 10 in Beyond Belief: Youth Voices Through Dance.

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