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Mujasi McGhee, age 10, will perform with Men in Motion on March 9 & 10 in ‘Beyond Belief: Youth Voices Through Dance.’

This is your first year dancing at Moving in the Spirit. What do you think about it?

I think this is a very good dance show we’re going to do. I’ve been to a lot of different dance places, and this is really different from all those places. Some places just go straight on dance and the kids who go there lose their emotion, and this place, they allow us to dance and play at the same time. They combine those two things and we are always happy. We’re all energetic and pumped up to go and excited to show everybody what we are going to do.

What’s the show about?

The world. I think it’s all about happiness.

What does it mean to you to share your voice and speak out?

To me it means that I’m showing a lot of people that it’s okay to speak out and that if you speak out you could get a lot of things done.

Have you ever been afraid to speak out about something and done it anyway?

Well, I travel across the country and my grandma is an activist, so we go to a lot of different places and there’s a lot of the police there, and basically we protest for a lot of different things, like right now we’re protesting for no war. But I was scared to go. Because when I was young, I thought that the police would just arrest me and put me in juvenile detention or one of those places, so I would just stay in the truck. But now I go out and I am all excited. And I feel like I can put all that attention and frustration and happiness into my dance so that I can feel happy.

What would you say to another young person if they really wanted to speak out about something but they didn’t feel confident?

Well, I would say just try, because everyone can do something but they just have to get it out of them. And I think dance is one of those things that you can express yourself and make other people happy.

What is your favorite piece to perform in the show?

Stand by Me, because when I was little I used to get bullied a lot, and Stand by Me is a song that is about standing by each other and helping each other.

If someone said, “Why should I come see this show?” what would you tell them?

I would tell them, “You should come see this show because it is a mix of feelings, emotions and happiness.” It’s gonna blow their minds.

You can see Mujasi and his fellow Men in Motion dancers perform on March 9 & 10 in Beyond Belief: Youth Voices Through Dance.

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