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Nayeli Fedullo, age 11, will perform with GLOW in Motion on March 9 & 10 in ‘Beyond Belief: Youth Voices Through Dance.’

What does it mean to you to share your voice and speak out?

To me, it means to have a voice in the world and for others to hear your ideas and your beliefs and thoughts.

What advice would you give to a young person who did not feel confident enough to speak out?

I would say, “Go out there. Be yourself. Say what you have to say and it will be fine. Others have to listen and understand what you believe in.”

What is your favorite piece to perform in the show and why?

My favorite piece would be our “Hum Along and Dance” song because it has a lot of action and it’s really joyful. For me, it brings joy and happiness.

What has been your biggest challenge in preparing for this performance?

We have to do glissades in the dance and it’s been really hard for me to get it because I go too low on some and too high on others.

How have you been working on overcoming it?

We practice the dance pretty much every Tuesday in class and I’ve gotten better at it by straightening my arms and remembering that if I look forward I’ll go higher and if I look down, I’ll go down.

Why should people come see this performance?

People should come see this show to see young girls and boys dance and spread joy to others. For me, seeing other people dance is like joy coming to everyone.

You can see Nayeli and her fellow GLOW in Motion dancers perform on March 9 & 10 in Beyond Belief: Youth Voices Through Dance.

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