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Aniah Lake, age 12, has danced at Moving in the Spirit for two years. You can see Aniah perform with GLOW in Motion and Men in Motion dancers on March 14, 2020 in ‘Unity.’

What do you enjoy most about dancing here?

I enjoy that everybody here is so nice and so kind and so helpful and always open minded to new ideas. Everybody gets along super well and everybody loves dance.

Your upcoming show is about unity. What does unity mean to you?

Everybody coming together as one. Everybody being able to be together to do something that everybody enjoys.

Do you think dance unites people, and if so, how?

Definitely, because dance is something that a lot of people are nervous to do but when you have other people who are together with you it feels like you’re letting out your inner person.

Do you think there’s enough unity in the world right now?

I think in parts of the word there is unity and in some parts I feel that people need to do more and bring more people together.

What’s something you would change or do to create more unity in the world?

For me, I would probably change how people act to each other and have them interact more with others.

Do you think you and other young people can help create unity?

Definitely. Because when older people see how well we can work together and how we can be together as a group, it could help encourage them that they could also be like us.

Have you had any challenges in preparing for the show? How have you overcome them?

Well, I’m when I first came here, I was very shy, I was really nervous to be on stage by myself. Like, I would never want to do a solo or just be up there without anybody dancing next to me. How I overcame that was with the people here. They helped me realize that it’s really actually super fun to be on stage, even if I am by myself. It’s really fun to see the audience’s expressions, to see how people see us, and to see how excited they get when they see us dancing.

How do you want the audience to feel when they see the show?

I want them to feel inspired.

You can see Aniah perform in Unity on March 14, 2020 at 7 PM.

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