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Advocacy is vital to the survival of every arts organization. Advocating for Moving in the Spirit is simple! To be an advocate, all you need is your experience with our organization and an appreciation for the impact of the arts.

A new advocate can start by…140508_mits_rialto-540

  1. Knowing the mission and vision of Moving in the Spirit.
  2. Reflecting on Moving in the Spirit’s influence on your child and preparing to talk about it.
  3. Sharing your support for Moving in the Spirit and the arts with family and friends, through word of mouth as well as social media.
  4. Reading and sharing information about arts topics and legislation that interest you or that impact Moving in the Spirit.
  5. Recruiting others to advocate for the arts.
  6. Joining an advocacy network for the arts and responding to action alerts. (Ex. Americans for the Arts, Georgia Arts Network, Arts Georgia)

A more experienced advocate can continue their work by…

  1. Sending articles about Moving in the Spirit’s impact to district legislators.
  2. Attending city council meetings and paying particular attention to arts topics.
  3. Writing letters and articles for the local newspaper about arts funding and other issues.
  4. Meeting with legislators to talk about how important arts funding is to organizations like Moving in the Spirit.
  5. Developing relationships with school administrators and legislators.

People To Contact: