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Erin Howard, 10, 4th grade

What does it mean to lead?

I think it means to do most of the things that you do the right way so that people can follow you. Sometimes people lead in the wrong way, but I think most people choose the right way so that they can have a better future. It means that you’re confident in yourself, confident enough to lead people in the right direction.

What can you do to lead our world?

I try to teach people that the right way is the good way because some people think that their choices don’t really affect them, but they’re a big part of your life. So, your life is basically your choices. Say you want to be an artist, your life is going to be basically about art. Your life is about the choices that you make.

What do you think of when you hear “GLOW in Motion?”

That we can make a difference even if we might think that we can’t just because we’re younger we’re not the President of the United States or something. We think that most of the people who make big decisions are famous and that only they can change the rules, but if you think about it, everybody can. It just takes work, but you actually can if you work for it. So, the name gives us more confidence.

What piece in the show makes you feel the most like a leader?

I would say A Time to Love because it’s like passing on an idea and now we’re listening to the song and making movements to it, so we’re passing it along to other people who are watching. We feel like we’re making a difference because the song helps us see it.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from being in GLOW in Motion?

You are important because you’re made for a reason. I mean, you weren’t just born, you were born to do something instead of just live.

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