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Sage Stephens, 11, 5th grade

What does it mean to lead?

It means to show that you’re worthy or capable of doing something. Whatever you’re put to the challenge, whatever they give you to do.

What can you do to lead our world?

I could help with things that need to be improved on, like bully in schools, fighting, people being hungry. I can speak up and know what to do and what to say when needed.

What do you think of when you hear “GLOW in Motion?”

That girls are powerful because not a lot of people believe that girls are as worthy or capable of doing things as boys are. GLOW says that you shine and you can lead or do whatever you feel.

What piece in the show makes you feel the most like a leader?

World’s Greatest because the song is really pretty and it’s saying that you are great and you can do anything you want and be anything you want. The choreography is really good, too, it just makes me feel some type of way.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from being in GLOW in Motion?

I learned to be confident because when I first started, I barely talked loud at all and I’ve tried to improve on that and talk a little louder. My mom noticed it, too, and that I’m more confident in what I’m doing. She even mentioned to me in the car yesterday that when she was little she wouldn’t do anything, she was so scared. She noticed that even though I don’t feel comfortable, I’ll still do it.

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