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On March 27, 2015, members of Moving in the Spirit’s empowerment program for 9-12 year old girls announced their company’s new name to a cheering audience of over 300 guests during their spring show, You Grow Girl: Blooming into Leadership.

Formerly known as the Junior Company, the company is now called GLOW in Motion, with GLOW standing for Girls Leading Our World.

Explaining the decision to change the name, Junior Company founder Genene Stewart shares, “John Quincy Adams, America’s 6th president stated: ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’ The Junior Company is blooming into that leadership role as young girls in our communities who have innovative ideas and perceptions of who they are, and the influence they bring as a group and as individual leaders. I see them as they see themselves: full of confidence, strength, courage, and the ability to share joy, hope, and love. They are ‘GLOW in Motion’. In their roles as leaders, they are Girls Leading Our World in motion to impact positive change in our communities.”

The idea for a name change emerged during a strategic planning session in 2013, when Moving in the Spirit staff, dancers and supporters agreed that the company deserved a new, more empowering name. A name that represents the energy, confidence and commitment these girls bring to Moving in the Spirit.

Over the past year, dancers, parents, teaching artists, alumni, staff and board members collaborated to find a name that fits this special group. They participated in a series of dance brainstorm sessions to answer questions about the qualities of the program’s dancers and what makes them unique.

“We came up with words and movements to get an idea of what we wanted to be called,” shares senior GLOW in Motion dancer, Janan Mirza. “I love how the name stands for something, and I love the word glow.”

Uplifting and empowering, the name GLOW in Motion reflects the strength of these young female leaders and their passion for making the world a better place. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped these young women discover their new name!

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