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Adam Rocker, 11, 5th grade

What does it mean to be a hero?

It means that if someone’s in trouble you can help them get rid of the person who is trying to harm them. It means protecting people, like if two people are in an argument, you solve the problem by asking what’s wrong.

The theme of your show is “Heroes of Tomorrow.” What does that mean to you?

Basically it make me think of Superman and how he looks like an ordinary guy, but he’s really not. That’s when he takes off his clothes and you see his uniform. In some of his movies he fights, but when he loses he gets right back up. So, at one point in the dance, “Heroes of Tomorrow,” we fall down and we say “We will never be defeated.” That means if someone keeps on pushing us down, we’ll get right back up. And when you fly, that’s supposed to mean that your dreams can come true, so if I want to be a professional football player, I can do that.

Who are your heroes? Why do you look up to them?

I look up to my family because they help me. When I’m sad, they ask me what’s wrong, or if something happened at school, they’ll ask me what happened or how did it start. I look up to Cam Newton, Stephen Curry, Shaq, and Jordan because I like playing football and basketball and they are all good players.

How do they inspire you?

All of the athletes inspire me because I like playing sports and I think it’s good to be an athlete and have fun.

Do you see yourself as a hero of tomorrow? In what ways?

Yes. Because I protect people. If a fight’s going on, I try to break it up.

What have you learned from being in Men in Motion?

I’ve learned that just because you’re a boy doesn’t mean you can’t dance, too, and have fun at the same time. You can do things other people have never experienced before.

What is your favorite dance in the show? Why did you choose that one?

I like “Heroes of Tomorrow” because I can express myself. I like the parts when we fly in the sky, when we rip our shirts off and our pants, when we say we will never be defeated and when we lift someone up.

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