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Covin Washington, 10, 5th grade

What is a hero?

A person who leads and goes for the good over the bad, someone who tries to lead others to things that will benefit them.

The theme of your show is “Heroes of Tomorrow.” What does that mean to you?

It means that anyone can be a hero, you just have to try and put your mind to it.

Who are your heroes?

It would be Martin Luther King because he was not afraid to be different from the crowd and he used nonviolence instead of violence.

How do they inspire you?

He inspires me to be different. At school, there might be someone being mean and I just think about Martin Luther King who would deal with it in a nonviolent way, so I just talk to the person. It could be someone talking bad to my friends and I would be say no, that’s not nice and they didn’t do anything to you, so why should you do anything to them?

Do you see yourself as a hero of tomorrow? In what ways?

I do. I like being a leader and leading my friends to do the right thing and I like to include everybody in what we’re doing.

What is your favorite dance in the show? Why did you choose that one?

It would be Break the Chain because it’s about a problem that affects a lot of people. If people don’t know about it and this has happened to them (they’ve been abused), we can tell them that there are other people out there who have experienced it, too, that they are not alone.

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