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Dominic Lewis, 12, 7th grade

What is a hero?

A hero is someone who guides others, who shows them what’s right to do and sets an example for others.

Who are your heroes? How do they inspire you?

Michael Jackson because he’s a very good dancer. He’s the reason I’m dancing now. I watched him dance and decided that I wanted to be a dancer, too. He inspired me by the way he moved. You don’t see anyone dancing like that.

Do you see yourself as a hero of tomorrow? In what ways?

In class, I help others out. I’m very responsible, people can count on me to get things done. I also  showed my cousin that he had to be more responsible, like keep up with everything, keep his room clean, to show his parents that he was ready for a phone. I told him not to just leave his stuff laying around.

What has being in Men in Motion taught you about being a hero?

It’s taught me about self-respect and respect for others. It’s also showed me about being a leader, that leader is also a good follower.

What is your favorite dance in the show? Why did you choose that one?

One Billion Rising because it means a lot. It’s saying that domestic violence is not okay, it’s like a big problem and it should be stopped.

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