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Italo Jenkins, 10, 5th grade

What is a hero?

A hero, in my opinion, is a person who puts others before himself and if he needs to do something to benefit the most people he will do anything to make that possible.

The theme of your show is “Heroes of Tomorrow.” What does that mean to you?

It makes me think of leadership and that we are heroes, that we help others. If you do something that might benefit tomorrow, it might help so that the world’s a better place.

Who are your heroes?

I like to play soccer, so a lot of my heroes are soccer players. I look up to them and people that do something that they like and they try to help the world while doing that.

How do they inspire you?

It’s kind of complicated, but I think that somehow soccer can benefit the world in a better way because it shows that you can’t overlook something.

Do you see yourself as a hero of tomorrow? In what ways?

Well, I think I could benefit people for the better because I’m always trying to help people and I’ve always been called polite. I kind of think that I can try and make sure that everybody is polite to each other so that no one is mad at each other and there isn’t a whole bunch of chaos.

How are you a hero through your dancing?

I think that it can really show a lot of passion. My sister used to dance here, so it’s been in the family tradition. We’ve helped a lot of people and whenever something’s going on and we’re there, we help out and I think that dance has something to do with that.

There are different types of dance that make people feel different ways, so that they can react a certain way and I think that’s really what it depends on.

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