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Jorden Clay, 11, 6th grade

What is a hero?

A hero to me is someone who cares for others. But a hero’s not always about having super powers. It can be as simple as just helping someone across the street.

Who are your heroes? Why do you look up to them?

Well, my heroes are my parents because they’re getting me through school, they’re raising me the right way. My brothers, they lead by example, so I would consider them heroes, and I would consider my elders heroes because sometimes they tell me lessons from my mistakes. I would also consider my friends heroes.

My favorite superhero is Batman because he was born without powers. He started off learning to fight and he became hand to hand combat fighter.

How do your heroes inspire you?

My family inspires me to make good grades in school, do the right thing. They also inspire me to know what I want to become when I’m older. Sometimes I look up what college I want to go to for the thing I’m trying to be when I grow up. I want to be a videogame maker, a cartoonist, and play football.

Do you see yourself as a hero of tomorrow? In what ways?

Yes, because when my family or anybody that I know is in a tough situation, I will try to help them out. Once, my friend was in a tough situation, so I kind of helped him out by working with him through it.

What is your favorite dance in the show? Why did you choose that one?

I like the One Billion Rising dance because it really spreads the word that there are many people out there who get brutalized every day and that we should take action to do something about it.

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