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This is Noah Estroff. He along with his two sisters have attended many Moving in the Spirit performances with their dad, Eric, who serves on our Board of Directors.

In September Noah turned 13 and, as is customary in the Jewish faith, had a Bar Mitzvah.  This coming of age ritual signifies when a child is now accountable for their own actions.  As part of the ceremony, Noah recounted the story of when God revealed his back to Moses during the Exodus of the Israelites.  For Noah this story illustrates the principle of “I’ve got your back!”

Taking this to heart, Noah decided to share his Bar Mitzvah gifts with our teens and presented to them a $1,000 check with “transforming lives” written in the memo field.  Noah’s donation is by far the largest single gift Moving in the Spirit has ever received from a young person.

At Moving in the Spirit our mission is to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and UNITE children and teens through the art of dance.  However, Noah’s act of generosity speaks to how our work extends beyond those we serve to those who also join with us in serving – that in having each other’s back we too are transformed.

Thank you, Noah!

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