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We’re thrilled to be part of Brackets for Good, a single elimination bracket-style fundraising tournament, where $1 = 1 point. Starting on March 2 at 8 PM, donations to Moving in the Spirit on our donation page help us advance in Brackets for Good and get us closer to a $10,000 championship grant!

In order to maximize our chances of winning, we need YOU! Here are some ways that you can help us in each round:

  • Set up a new account via ‘Log in’  + donate here
  • Complete your donor profile and earn 5 additional points to donate
  • Follow us + share content to your networks from Moving in the Spirit’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and emails
  • Create your own posts about why you give to/support Moving in the Spirit using the hashtags #WhyIGive #BFG18 #BFGATL

To stay updated on our tournament progress, follow us on Facebook/Instagram @movinginthespirit and on Twitter @MoveInTheSpirit.

Thank you in advance for your support. Let’s get ready to win!

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