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We are so proud of how hard our young people worked this week! The results of the auditions are as follows:

Note: The order is alphabetical and does not reflect any kind of ranking.

Apprentice Corporation

Abigail R.

Bryanna M.

Demi J.

Dominic L.

Imaya C.

Italo J.

Janan M.

Keilah C.

Kendall H.

Khara S.

Leilani S.

Lily N.

Lucinda  A.

Rania M.

Sage S.

Zenobia M.


GLOW in Motion

Anna Jean L.

Din M.

D’Keira G.

Gabrielle R.

Grace G.

Keziah B.

Kirta J.

Lacreisha P.

Madison F.

Maziah L.

Nayeli F.

Neriyah C.

Ruthie D.

Shamiyah H.

Shaniya S.

Taylor F.

Zarina H.


Men in Motion

Jordan S.

Emmanuel L.

Grayson L.


If you (the student) were not selected to participate in a performance company this year and would like to receive feedback, please call/text Dr. Charné Furcron at 404.822.6875 to set up a time to talk.

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