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Are you a young artist who is passionate about dance? Do you seek more rigorous training and performance opportunities?

Performance company members at Moving in the Spirit work with professional dancers and choreographers to create new works, build leadership skills, and perform for the Atlanta community.

We are currently seeking dancers for our Apprentice Corporation (teens ages 13-18) and GLOW in Motion (girls ages 9-12).

Due to COVID-19, auditions will be held virtually this year.

Audition Instructions:

Students wishing to audition must learn and submit a short one-minute dance phrase, taught via video by Ms. Jessica. Please note, auditions have been extended through Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The top 10 students with the highest overall score will be admitted into the dance company. Results will be posted on our website on Friday, September 11, 2020.

Audition Phrase Videos:

Apprentice Corporation Audition Part 1: https://youtu.be/XniWQkuzV_Q
Apprentice Corporation Audition Part 2: https://youtu.be/-89WsurHkGI
GLOW in Motion Audition Part 1:  https://youtu.be/zlkwTRW5pb8
GLOW in Motion Audition Part 2:  https://youtu.be/qca8sVFLUnc
GLOW in Motion Audition Part 3: https://youtu.be/OYpUdNfEEjU

Once you feel you have mastered the short phrase, you will record yourself performing the phrase, upload it, and forward it to Program Associate Chelsea Vill at chelsea@movinginthespirit.org. Below are different ways we can receive the recording, including but not limited to:

  • Google Drive Link
  • Youtube Link
  • Vimeo
  • Dropbox 

In addition to your video upload, please record yourself answering one of the following questions in 60 seconds or less:

  1. Tell us about a time when you had to be a leader.
  2. What makes you unique?
  3. What motivates you?

When uploading, students should be sure the video is not private or restricted so that judges can view the file. If the file cannot be viewed, the audition will not be valid so please make sure the privacy settings are correct. Both the movement phrase and question can be one video, or they can be two separate videos. If one element is missing (movement and speaking component) the audition will not be valid. When sending in your audition please be sure to include your first and last name and which company you are auditioning for. Please reach out to Ms. Chelsea at chelsea@movinginthespirit.org if you have any questions about uploading or the process overall. 

Due to our limited class sizes moving forward, we anticipate that auditions will inevitably be more competitive.

Please take your time to learn the phrase and make it your own. Students will be scored on technique, attitude, effort, motivation, and leadership potential. We want to be able to learn more about you as a person and not just you as a dancer. Show us your personality! 

Students not placed in an intermediate or advanced performance company can still take classes and perform with Moving in the Spirit! Moving in the Spirit is structured so that there is a class for everyone. Our program team will place you in an appropriate-level class so that you can build your technique and focus and prepare for next year’s assessment.

Audition Tips:

  • Although you want to stand out in an audition, you don’t want to stand out in a negative way. Make sure you have on comfortable black-on-black dance attire when you record your audition (black footless tights or leggings + a black leotard/tank top, OR a black sports shirt and black pants/ shorts). Let your moves speak for your star quality, not polka-dot leggings!
  • Have a Positive Attitude! Although auditions can be nerve-racking and a bit emotionally charged, staying positive throughout challenges can give you an edge. At Moving in the Spirit, we reward students who never give up and do their best. Be sure to smile and show off your personality.
  • Upload your audition ON TIME. If you upload your audition too late, it will not be reviewed. Once submitted to us, be sure to make sure we have received it. You can simply ask for a reply on your email or call Ms. Chelsea at 321-754-0791.
  • Push your fears aside and make sure you speak loudly and clearly when answering one of the questions provided. Public speaking is another big component to being a part of a performance company at Moving in the Spirit. Take a deep breath, take your time, and answer the question clearly. Practice your answer with your family members or friends to get feedback. If you mess up, just record it over! Show the people in the room that you are more than a dancing body
  • Pick a neutral background. The best place to record is anywhere with a plain background. The focus should be on you, and not your pile of laundry in the background. Find a space in your home or even a hallway that has a clean background in which to record.

Good luck!


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