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This year, Moving in the Spirit celebrated our 25th year transforming lives through dance. I say ‘transform’ because Moving in the Spirit pushes young people to re-imagine themselves, to rise above the challenges around them as they look forward to where they want to be. With your help, thousands of children have discovered their inner strength, confidence and values, succeeding beyond the stage to make an impact in their own communities.

Alumna Mashunté Glass Holmes is one such remarkable young person. Mashunté began dancing at Moving in the Spirit in 1990 at the age of six and continued until she graduated high school. She advanced to our touring company, the Apprentice Corporation, and travelled with the group to every major city in the United States. Her creativity inspired choreography that is still in Moving in the Spirit’s repertoire today, including the popular piece ‘101.’

Today, Mashunté continues to be a leader among her peers. She graduated from high school in 2003 and attended Albany State University as a presidential scholar. Ever the fierce leader, Mashunté chose a scientific field that is dominated by strong male personalities and is committed to finding cures for our planet. Next year, she will complete her PhD in pharmacology and toxicology and focus on cancer research and health disparities in different communities. Mashunté shares, “All my experiences at Moving in the Spirit shaped who I am today. To me, Moving in the Spirit is more than teachers and students. Moving in the Spirit became my family.”

I want to share Mashunté’s story with the hope that you will feel the extraordinary strength you bring to our community. Your support is the reason so many young people like Mashunté have aspired to reach their highest potential. You can experience the transformation of Mashunté and other Moving in the Spirit students and alumni through JD Scott’s photography exhibit, “Believe in Me: Dancing from the Inside Out,” on display at the Loudermilk Center in Atlanta through February 2013. With your love, support and tenacity, we have not only survived these 25 years, we have thrived. We have soared. Let’s do so for another 25 years, shall we?

Faithfully yours,

Dana Marie Lupton
Executive & Artistic Director