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Thirty-two years ago, we saw the same vision: the incredible possibility to enhance young people’s lives with hard and soft skills needed to flourish in life through the art of dance. At the time, we were young people ourselves and deeply understood the acceptance and guidance they sought. In our own respective ways, dance was a haven and a safe space and we wanted to share its intrinsic value. At times we received push back, because we weren’t part of their community. But, as we focused on our founding values of mutual respect, responsibility, accountability, and self-discipline with dance as the foundation, we began to build and develop relationships that have spanned generations and evolved into a beautiful and beloved community.

In this 32-year relationship, we have had the honor of listening to our future leaders. They have molded us as we have helped to shape their worldview—bringing us to a place where we all win. When we engaged all those years ago, this is what we heard: that dance and music were important to the young people around us and were a way to form deep connections with them; that they need to have caring adults in their lives who focus on what’s right with them, not what’s wrong; that young people need the tools to create their own opportunities.

We see the future generation at Moving in the Spirit. Their voices, their challenges, and their leadership have brought us to this point and will continue to guide us as we leap into our new state-of-the- art facility, “A Space to Soar,” and beyond. We are excited to break ground this year as a step along this continued shared journey of community building.

Through miraculous generosity, we have been able to provide a safe space for children and youth, where they find their unique voices, build a unique community, and envision a unique future filled with hope, accountability and connectedness.

Thank you to our students, families, donors, community, and artistic partners for believing in the power of dance to transform lives!

Together, we SOAR!

Dana Lupton, Founder, CEO & Artistic Director
Genene Stewart, Founder, COO & CFO
Leah Mann, Founder & Artistic Director Emeritus