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Amon Aldred, age 10, Men in Motion dancer

Why do real men dance?

“Men dance because it’s their dream. Boys see men dance on TV and think they can do that too.”

Why do you like your classes at Moving in the Spirit?

“I like to dance and exercise and have fun. I like being in an all-boys class. Mr. Chris is nice and takes us on field trips. He gets us in shape!”

When you dance, what feelings or thoughts do you have?

“Once I get older, I would like to be a professional dancer. When I perform, I feel nervous, but I feel excited because there are a lot of people watching, and that makes it fun.”

When you dance, what messages do you send to the audience?

“I want the audience to feel excited and proud of the kids dancing on stage.”

Show your support for real men at the 12th Annual Men in Motion Show on February 21 & 22, 2015!

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