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Azariah Richardson, age 12, Men in Motion dancer

Why do real men dance?

“People dance because they have passion. I dance because it’s my passion. Younger students tell me that I inspire them, and that makes me feel good. To people who say that boys can’t dance, I say, reconsider. Look at my biggest inspiration, Michael Jackson. He could DANCE! Come see men dance, and you’ll know. We can change your mind.”

Why do you like your classes at Moving in the Spirit?

“I like how they include all styles of dance. The teachers are interactive, and the classes are fun. I’ve made a lot of friends here, and it’s a good place to be on a Saturday. The other studio I go to is mostly girls, so it’s nice to learn to dance with guys and girls. I think a lot of the teachers here are funny and have a lot of experience. They’ve exposed me to different styles, like jazz, hip hop, modern and contemporary, and they’ve made me better.”

When you dance, what feelings or thoughts do you have?

“I always look forward to my next performance. I can’t give up dance because it’s always been a passion of mine ever since I was a toddler.”

When you dance, what messages do you send to the audience?

“It depends on my mood. Whatever emotion I have comes through in my dancing. Dance helps me release my emotions the majority of the time. Sometimes, I feel stress when I compete or perform, but I always feel better afterward.”

See how real men dance at the 12th Annual Men in Motion Show on February 21 & 22, 2015!

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