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Collin Grier, age 10, Men in Motion dancer

Why do real men dance?

“Because they can get creative with what they think or see and use it in their dance. They keep it up so everyone can see what dance is about.

Why do you like your classes at Moving in the Spirit?

“I like that the classes are active, and I can get out of the house and not be lazy. We also help each other out. The teachers put a lot of energy and work into us so that we’re ready for our shows.”

When you dance, what feelings or thoughts do you have?

“Strong feelings. I’ll feel emotional during some dances, because the song or dance might be emotional.”

When you dance, what message do you send to the audience?

“I want them to feel happy and energized and hyped up. They can learn new things and see something they haven’t seen before.”

Come support Collin and his fellow real men in the 12th Annual Men in Motion Show on February 21 & 22, 2015!

Eventbrite - 12th Annual Men in Motion Show

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