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Italo Jenkins, age 9, Men in Motion dancer

Why do real men dance?

“To show that they can dance, and to prove that statement. Anybody can dance. It shows your potential and talent. It’s just a natural thing. You don’t know you are going to dance, but it just happens.”

Why do you like your classes at Moving in the Spirit?

“I like my teachers and the other people. We have made a bond. We like to run around and play a lot. We have a lot of similarities and we get along easily.”

When you dance, what feelings or thoughts do you have?

“Maybe not to make the same mistake twice! I follow directions, and I try not to miss anything. I want to make my teachers happy. But my main goal is basically to have fun. Not having fun is not cool to me.”

When you dance, what messages do you send to the audience?

“If there are younger kids there, I want to set an example. I also want to show parents in the audience that we have been working very hard and not just playing around!”

Come see Italo dance on February 21 & 22, 2015 in the 12th Annual Men in Motion Show!

Eventbrite - 12th Annual Men in Motion Show

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