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Do real mean dance? Italo Jenkins, 8, says the answer to this question is YES.

“Dance is a chance for guys to move around, to have fun and not just playing video games all day, every day,” says Italo, a third-grade student at Horizons School in Atlanta. “And it’s fun! I like dancing because you get to meet new friends.”

Italo loves the free expression of modern dance. “It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t really make you ashamed of who you are. When you’re dancing, you are expressing energy and saying not to give up.”

As a member of Moving in the Spirit’s Men in Motion company, Italo enjoys learning new skills from his dance teachers. “They give us support. When you think you are going to give up, they encourage you,” he says.

Italo’s friends outside Moving in the Spirit know little about what he does in the program. “They don’t dance. They either play sports, or they go outside and play. But, really, it’s kind of the same thing, just having a lot of fun.”

You can see Italo and his classmates perform in the 11th Annual Men in Motion Show on February 22 & 23, 2014.

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