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Real men, especially those who enjoy a great physical workout, dance, says Jordan Clay, 9.

“Dancing is a good exercise. I have a lot of fun with dancing and movement. I have a lot of space and I want to use it all up,” says Jordan, a fourth-grade student at Harmony-Leland Elementary School in Mableton. Jordan realizes that not all boys may share his love of dance…yet. “They may not be used to dancing, or they may not like dancing. Or they may think dancing is only for girls.”

In Men in Motion, Jordan works with skilled, caring teachers who help him develop dance and leadership skills. “If you don’t know something, they’ll teach you. They will always be there for you,” he says. He’s currently learning an energetic piece choreographed by Mr. Andre, one of the Moving in the Spirit instructors, for the upcoming 11th Annual Men in Motion Show. “I like the music and I like the movement.”

Jordan enjoys telling his friends about what he does at Moving in the Spirit. “I tell them about all my experiences here. I am learning how to be a leader,” he says. “Dancing is fun, because during my spare time I get to move around and get all my energy out. We don’t fool around.”

The first time Jordan performed a dance on stage, he was really nervous, he says. “But I just came out and did what I had to do!” He’s less nervous about performing in the upcoming show, and he’s excited about the positive messages in a piece Men in Motion will do about ending abuse of girls and women.

“This piece will tell people how we will break the chain [of abuse]. Some of the dance moves will make them think of real-life things.”

Jordan and his peers will perform in the 11th Annual Men in Motion Show on February 22 & 23, 2014.

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