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While some people view dancing as a girls’ activity, Nasir Coleman thinks otherwise.

“I think it’s very manly, because it’s not bad to show emotions through dancing. How you feel shows more about you,” says Nasir, 9, a fourth grade student at Magnus Jones Elementary School in Atlanta. A member of Moving in the Spirit’s Men in Motion company, Nasir sees dancing as both expressive and athletic.

He also enjoys the cooperative nature of modern dance. “Dancing here feels like this is actually my family.” Nasir says he’s made many new friends at Moving in the Spirit, and also learns important life skills from his dance teachers. “I’ve learned to make friends, to express my emotions, and how to talk to people. I’ve learned how to just be with one another.”

Men in Motion’s upcoming performance, the 11th Annual Men in Motion Show, contains inspiring messages for young men, Nasir says. “It shows how you are dealing with things in life and how you are feeling. It shows your personality.”

While dancing requires lots of energy and passion, Nasir says his personality is relatively chill. “I like calm things. I like to be around friends and people I know. But I like to show my emotions,” he says with a smile. “We are expressing ourselves here: good emotions, negative emotions, positive emotions.”

The idea that real men don’t dance is completely untrue, Nasir stresses. “Any person can dance. It doesn’t matter what type of person you are, male or female. You can dance.”

Come see Nasir and his peers perform in their upcoming 11th Annual Men in Motion Show on February 22 & 23, 2014.

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