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Real men dance, and any man can dance if he gives it a shot, says Sadrac Colin, 12.

“To me, dancing is dancing. Anybody can do it if they try, and take some dance lessons,” says Sadrac, a seventh-grade student at Sutton Middle School in Atlanta.

Dance lets men express their emotions, and for Sadrac, that emotion is usually happiness. But dance has its challenges. “You have to learn the proper stances for the dance moves. It takes a few weeks. But when you are done, it feels like the work paid off,” he says.

Dancing with Moving in the Spirit’s Men in Motion company, Sadrac enjoys working with other young men to create exciting performances. “They are an inspiration – we are never giving up,” he says. Although he’s one of the older dancers in the company, “sometimes younger kids help me and sometimes I help them. That’s fine, because we are all one big team.”

Sadrac says his teachers provide valuable instruction.

“They are teaching me not to give up. We learn more dance moves, and have more fun, more inspiration. I feel comfortable here,” he says. When facing an audience from the stage, “I just think to myself that the people are not there and I’m the only one.”

Dancing is as challenging as any sport, Sadrac notes. “To me, if you’re dancing a formal dance, and you’re being taught by a professional, that’s when it starts getting like any exercise. But you are doing an inspirational act,” he says. Sadrac also takes dance classes at his middle school and has many friends who dance. “I just really love dancing. It’s just me being me.”

Sadrac is focused on improving his dance skills in the future. “My goal is to just keep on trying, and to keep feeling good about my dance. I am focused on my growth. If I’m gone on a Saturday and not here for a while, I may forget something, but I get right back on track.”

You can see Sadrac and his fellow Men in Motion peers perform in the 11th Annual Men in Motion Show on February 22 & 23, 2014.

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