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When people say that real men don’t dance, Toren Mosley, 11, responds with, “You’re wrong!”

Real men do dance, and they do it for many positive, healthy reasons, says Toren. “Sometimes men want to express things and to have fun with it,” he says. “Men dance for freedom, to express feelings, to tell their stories and to just have fun.”

A student at Drew Charter School, Toren says that dancing with Moving in the Spirit’s Men in Motion company is all about teamwork.

“If you get something wrong, someone else will help you out. If someone is not here one day, they come back the next Saturday and we teach them,” he says.

Dance is a great activity for guys, Toren says. “Dancing helps me get fit, have fun and get my exercise. Sometimes, dancing takes my mind off bad things that have happened to me. Dancing is positive. It takes my mind off bad things in my life, and some bad things just get deleted.”

Toren enjoys the guidance he receives from Moving in the Spirit’s dance teachers. “I am learning new dance moves, and I’m also learning about new opportunities to get to the next level. I might even get a scholarship to go to college. The teachers here also teach us how to get fit and how to have fun.”

At his first dance performance, Toren had to shake off some nerves. “When I got on the stage, I saw my family in the audience. Then I did my dance and I forgot what I was doing!” A natural left-hander, Toren says he enjoys the challenge of learning to dance in sync with other boys who are right-handed. “You have to focus, but once you learn the dance it will be like a breeze.”

These days, Toren is focused on learning a new routine, “Break the Chain,” a message about stopping the abuse of one billion girls and women worldwide. “It will catch the audience. It will say, ‘We are not going to back down from anything, because we are one in a billion.’”

Come see Toren and his fellow Men in Motion dancers perform in the 11th Annual Men in Motion Show on February 22 & 23, 2014!

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