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“He bought in and invested and believed in us before we were proven… He saw us for the solution we are.” – Dana Lupton


Scott Inman (pictured on the right) has been part of the Moving in the Spirit family since the beginning. Back in 1991, he was brought into the fold by Tricia Bowers-Young (former Resource Network Coordinator at Moving in the Spirit) and was immediately drawn to the passion — both of the people driving the programming and of the young people participating. The presence of such joy and excitement at Moving in the Spirit inspired him to become a board member and serve two terms. “I love how the program marries the left and right brain, dance and creativity with teamwork, discipline and skills for success in the future,” says Inman.

Inman wears multiple hats — husband, father, business owner — but still makes room in his life to give to his community. Because he recognizes the gap between his own advantages and those of others, he’s always seeking opportunities to close that gap. At Moving in the Spirit, he found a community where young people were building the skills and confidence that would allow them to find their own success in life and where he was able to invest his own time, talent and treasure. “He bought in and invested and believed in us before we were tested, before we were proven,” reflects Dana Lupton. “He saw us for the solution we are.”

He sees his involvement as an ongoing contribution.

Now, 25 years later, he continues to make an impact. But this time, he’s encouraged 11 of his running buddies, including long-time friend, fellow running enthusiast, and co-captain Sarah Matthews, to be part of the magic. Together, they are running a whopping 200 miles in the Ragnar relay next month in San Francisco, CA.


Inman (back row, far left) pictured with members of the team!

Ragnar is a series of races and relays held in beautiful locales all around the country. In the relay, each member of the team runs three times over the course of two days and one night to complete the 200 mile route. Scott’s team, called “No Wining in the Van” (the relay ends in Napa Valley!), will be accompanied by two vans, one with active runners and the other for recovery, where runners sleep, eat, hydrate and otherwise prepare for their next run.

Scott and Sarah ran their first Ragnar four years ago in Kentucky and most recently ran one in New Hampshire from Mount Washington to the New Hampshire Coast.

As part of the race, the runners are raising $6,000 to support Moving in the Spirit! “We wanted to find an organization where we could make a difference financially, one that had a strong track record with funds and great outcomes,” says Inman. “I love the youth development work that they do and wanted to introduce more people to their work.”

Contributions raised will support scholarships for Moving in the Spirit students! Classes at Moving in the Spirit are already subsidized a great deal, however over 40 percent of families still lack the resources to pay our nominal fees. Through the generosity of these wonderful runners, Moving in the Spirit will serve more young people and contribute to the success of these young leaders.

Even without an official role at Moving in the Spirit, Scott is not only giving back, he’s using his influence and recreational interests to inspire his friends and the wider community to do the same.

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