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Amber Everteze, 16, is a rising senior in high school. She has danced with Moving in the Spirit for two years and is interested in clinical psychology and dance pedagogy.

Amber stumbled upon Moving in the Spirit after alumna and teaching artist, Samantha Hardin, recommended the program. “She told me I should audition for the company and I got in! I was in the Apprentice Corporation last year as well. I came back because I really like the people here.”

This summer marks Amber’s first tour. She is excited for the opportunity to perform in different cities. She looks forward to meeting the challenges presented to her on the road with fearlessness. As she does through dance, she is excited to create meaningful connections with her peers and the people they will encounter.

Over the summer, a handful of dancers are selected from the Apprentice Corporation to train to go on tour. This year, Amber and seven other dedicated team members have been working with guest choreographers. Those collaborations have yielded several works for this year’s repertoire. “I liked the fact that we got to work with guests,” says Amber. “I got exposure to new styles and it took me out of my comfort zone. I felt really connected to the guests and they were really welcoming.”

One of her favorite pieces, Onions, was choreographed by guest artist Lillian Ransijn. “I like that it incorporates acting and dance,” says Amber. “What I discovered in that dance, and in life, is that people get lost in themselves and that it takes a lot of time to get to know yourself.” In that piece, the characters attempt to depict the development of identity and the incoherence that comes along with it. The characters struggle with their ever-changing identities and learn a valuable lesson about who they are.

Amber’s absolute favorite piece in the repertoire is 101. “I think it is so fun to do,” says Amber. “We learned a lot about learning. The music is really upbeat. The choreography is also pretty fast which I find really refreshing. I learned a lot about how to work as a team when we worked on that dance.”

101 deals with the different modes of learning, such as: auditory, visual, kinesthetic or spatial. It has been a popular piece in Moving in the Spirit’s repertoire throughout the years. Through engaging in dialogue about the classroom, the process of learning this dance has helped many students to relate to each other regarding their shared positive experiences and struggles with learning.

Along with learning the dances, the tour team members work hard to find moments to connect to each other and find encouragement within each other. Amber feels inspired for the big trip by the tenacity of the other dancers. “Sharing tiring and uplifting moments with the Apprentice Corporation is something that has helped us bond,” says Amber. “They push me to move forward and work hard even when we’re all tired.”

Amber hopes  audiences who see the tour gain “an understanding of the meaning of the pieces for themselves. I hope they understand how hard we have worked to make these dreams a reality.”

You can see Amber and her fellow tour team members perform in Atlanta on June 27, 2014 at 8 PM at 7 Stages Theatre. Enter discount code TOURSPIRIT through 6/25, and you’ll save 15% on online tickets!

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