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What makes Moving in the Spirit unique is the family bond, says Brianna Heath, a member of this summer’s tour team.

“The family unit that’s here is so strong, and it teaches you how to have healthy relationships,” says Brianna. “I’ve never seen [any other] dance company or an arts institution that has that family bond.”

Intensive rehearsals have taught Brianna to push past insecurities and not be afraid to ask for help. She has also learned that her classmates are extremely supportive. “You can get that other places, but here they really bring you into the fold,” Brianna says, “especially during the stressful classes.”

An Apprentice Corporation guest artist who inspired Brianna this year was T. Lang. Brianna calls her a genius for her thought process and was inspired by her ability to incorporate social issues into her work in a way that help people understand the issues more deeply. “It can be challenging, but you still get the message and it’s a strong message.”

The pieces Brianna is most looking forward to performing on tour are Thin Wire and Onions.

Thin Wire is a piece about grief. It’s sad “but at the same time we’re all moving together,” says Brianna. “It shows how people come together and are supportive.”

Onions is just hilarious. I love playing one of the characters and getting to do everything over the top.”

Brianna hopes tour audiences are influenced by their performances. “I hope they walk away feeling inspired and empowered to go and do something extraordinary.”

Brianna and the tour team are performing in Atlanta on June 27, 2014 at 8 PM at 7 Stages Theatre. Purchase your tickets online with discount code TOURSPIRIT by 6/25 and save 15%!

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