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Gabby is a 16-year-old dancer in Moving in the Spirit’s Apprentice Corporation. This is her first dance tour.

This is your first year in the Apprentice Corporation. What do you like most about this group?

“We bond like a family. We laugh together, we cry together.”

What are you most looking forward to on tour?

“I’m looking forward to experiencing new things. I haven’t traveled to any of the places we’re going to before, so I’m excited to see what they offer me. I’ll get to take new classes and experience new activities. I’m going to learn a lot, have an open mind, and have great energy.”

Leadership training is built into the curriculum at Moving in the Spirit. What have you learned about yourself as a leader this year, and how do you see yourself using these skills on tour?

“I’ve learned that I’m usually observant. However, in preparing for tour, I’ve been speaking up more and offering ideas as we run through and clean our dances. I see myself pushing further to speak up more on tour, especially when I’m out of my comfort zone.”

What has your artistic voice added to this year’s tour show?

“I’ve added my personality. I add fun — and funniness — to the show. The energy I bring is positive.”

What do you want audiences to take away from this year’s tour show?

“I want audiences to see and be inspired by our personalities, and to know that we are great leaders.

The theme of this year’s tour is ‘Stand Up.’ What do you stand for?

“I’m standing up for people who are afraid to speak up, because I was that person at one time. I want them to see me performing and coming out of my shell as inspiring.”

Gabby and her tour teammates are performing in Atlanta on Friday, June 26, 8 PM at 7 Stages Theatre. Don’t miss this inspiring performance!

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