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Julia Hudson is 14 years old and has been dancing with Moving in the Spirit for over a decade.

She’s currently on her first tour with Moving in the Spirit’s Apprentice Corporation and is looking forward to seeing new places and meeting different people.

Intensive rehearsals leading up to the tour have enabled Julia to form closer relationships with her classmates. “You learn what people are OK with and not OK with.” Julia says. “You find out the ways they are and how to communicate with them.” Julia also added that they laugh and joke around more during the intensive rehearsals.

For Julia to dance comfortably, she has to be comfortable with her teacher. Julia feels the guest artists who worked with the Apprentice Corporation to prepare for their tour were very good at meeting the students where they were and making them feel comfortable. “We still had to understand how they worked because some teachers want you to get it right away, some run dances over and over.” says Julia. “I learned to have a better understanding of how not everyone teaches the same way.”

Julia is most excited to dance in the piece 101, a piece her older sister used to perform when she was in Moving in the Spirit. “I remember sitting in the bleachers watching my sister do 101. It was cool to me because it uses different music than I’m used to here.” The piece pokes fun at the teachers who don’t let you go to the bathroom or lecture too much, and it celebrates the amazing teachers in our lives who do make a difference.

Julia hopes the audience enjoys watching the Apprentice Corporation perform on tour. “I want them to smile while I’m doing 101. I want them to laugh. I want them to have fun with it.”

Come see Julia and her fellow Apprentice Corporation dancers perform in the Apprentice Corporation Tour Show on June 27, 2014!

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