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“When you go on tour, you’re stuck in a car for six hours with eight people for almost two weeks, and then you start to get sick of each other,” says Said Rios, a member of Moving in the Spirit’s Apprentice Corporation for nearly two years.

Said finds this very funny “because after you start getting sick of each other, you all become closer.” Said is looking forward to building closer bonds with his peers while on tour.

Said notes that Moving in the Spirit is different from other dance organizations. “We focus on dance, but we also focus on every individual dancer’s life and what’s going on in their lives,” says Said. To Said, this makes Moving in the Spirit “more of a bonding family-type organization” than simply an organization focused solely on dance.

During tour, the dancers had to work together to make it successful. “We had to become leaders in ourselves to actually pull our part,” says Said, “because if one part wasn’t done then everybody’s job falls apart, we go hungry, or we go without costumes, or we go with wet costumes.” To do this, everyone had to learn how to communicate with each other.

From the guest artists Said has worked with for tour and in the past years, he has consistently seen a strong willpower in dancers to overcome any obstacles that threaten to interfere with their dancing. He tells the story of guest artist Amanda Lower who “the day after she got out of the hospital she literally came and taught us that whole piece [Thin Wire] in two hours, and we found it very amazing because she was supposed to have issues with being able to speak, talk, and even dance.”

Said’s favorite pieces for tour are Self Portrait and 101.

“I grew up watching Self Portrait and watching different casts over and over do it to perfection,” says Said, who is looking forward to finally having the chance to put his own spin on the piece. Self Portrait tells the story about a student who doesn’t feel like he fits in at school and a mentor who helps him along the way.

101 is another dance that Said grew up watching. “I finally see all the energy that has been put into it and all the silliness and how fun it actually is.”

“I hope the audience grasps the idea of art and how it can connect to everyone,” says Said regarding the tour audience. He also hopes they will put their kids in Moving in the Spirit “because it’s such a great program.”

Come support Said and his fellow tour team members at their Atlanta performance on June 27, 2014 at 8 PM at 7 Stages Theatre. Purchase your tickets online with discount code TOURSPIRIT by 6/25 and save 15%!

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