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Laurie Jones is a lifelong dancer, certified counselor, and commissioned corps officer in the United States Public Health Service (CDC). Additionally, she generously gives of her time as a volunteer teaching artist for Baby Steps and Mini Steps classes and a volunteer on our counseling/dance movement therapy team at Moving in the Spirit.

Eight years ago, when Jones needed a practicum and internship for her dance movement therapy program, she discovered Moving in the Spirit and the work of our Director of Education, Dr. Charné Fucron. But the story didn’t end there: “When my internship ended, I just stayed,” remembers Jones. “I really appreciate the emphasis on the whole person. I love that dance is the foundation, but it’s so much more.”

Jones’ commitment to the welfare of young people is so evident that in 2016, Jones, co-teacher Camille Jackson, and their Mini Steps class were featured in a documentary film called The Moving Child, which focused on the importance of dynamic movement in whole child development. In addition to her work in the classroom, she is a monthly donor to Moving in the Spirit and also contributes specifically to GLOW in Motion, our intermediate program for 9-12 year old girls.

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