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Lucy Armbrust-Kohler, 12

What does the name YASS: Young Artistic Strong Sisters mean to you?

To me, it means to work together and to be confident in yourself and to just be yourself and don’t change for anyone.

Why is dance important to you?

It’s always been a way to express myself because before I started at Moving in the Spirit and before I got serious about it, I was always really shy and I didn’t really talk to people. Dancing at Moving in the Spirit helped me become more confident and talk to people and express myself better in a lot of ways.

What advice would you give a girl your age who wasn’t feeling confident?

I would tell her just to be herself, don’t change for anyone and to believe in herself.

If you weren’t part of GLOW in Motion or at Moving in the Spirit, what do you think you would miss the most?

I think I would miss being able to express myself and I probably wouldn’t be as confident in myself as I am today.

Why do you think it’s important for girls to be leaders?

I think it’s important because it will help them express themselves and be confident and help others.

How do you show strength in your performance and in your life?

I show strength in my performance by being confident in my movements, believing in my movements and going full out. I show strength in my life by believing in what I’m doing.

You won’t want to miss this uplifting performance by Lucy and her sisters in GLOW in Motion!
Eventbrite - YASS: Young Artistic Strong Sisters

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